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Shares from $165,000

JPK 11.80 2024 (JPKP BoatShare)

JPK 11.80

The JPK 11.80 yacht is a true marvel in terms of versatility as it showcases its cruising attractiveness in the video & pictures below. It is designed with a perfect balance between performance and comfort, this yacht caters to a wide range of sailing enthusiasts.

All gain, the without the pain, the JPKP BoatShare.

Quality time on the water, sharing the cost, not having to worry or deal with maintenance and servicing. Hassle free enjoyment of a great performance cruiser.

Shares from $165,000


Atomic Blonde (private sale)

JPK 10.80

WA Offshore Champion 2021 and in optimal race condition with a 2021 endorsed IRC rating of 1.042.
Atomic Blonde will appear as a tested, but new 10.80. That is how well it has been maintained plus it has had a range of post delivery upgrades and a full racing wardrobe ready to hit the start line.


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