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JPK 11.80 - The giant killer

JPK 11.80’s were launched in 2018, the design of naval architect Jacques Valer.

During the initial year this IRC race winning champion has won IRC overall in major European and UK regattas. IRC victories at Cowes Race Week and overall winner IRC of the 2018 Middle Sea race are among the many outstanding achievements.

In 2021, Sunrise won the Rolex Fastnet and the Middle Sea race back to back (only to be relegated to 2nd overall behind Comanche in the latter due to a finish line change). Subsequently, two JPK 11.80s fought for the win in the 2022 Caribbean 600 and locked out the front row of IRC1 at the end.

A production boat with great pedigree able to bring the fight to the big customised yacht and puts you in a position to win.

The current downwind speed record set by Sunrise currently stands at 28 knots! 
Clearly generating plenty of apparent wind to keep flying that asymmetrical kite in downwind VMG running. 

Now also optimised for two-handed with two 320kg litres water ballast tanks and extended bow sprit for asymmetrical only sailing, ideal for handling, safety and performance. 

The JPK 11.80 is a 9/10 rig and is tiller driven with twin rudders. The saloon is u-shaped and in a race functional easily maintained format.

v2Asset 2_4x-100.jpg

Major Wins

1st & 2nd IRC1 Caribbean 600 2022

1st Overall Rolex Fastnet Race 2021

1st/2nd Overall Rolex Middle Sea Race 2021

1st IRC2 Cowes Race Week 2020

2nd IRC2 Cowes Race Week 2019

2nd Overall Rolex Middle Sea Race 2019

1st & 2nd IRC2 Rolex Fastnet Race 2019

1st IRC2 Cowes Race Week 2018

1st Overall Rolex Middle Sea Race 2018

2nd Spi Ouest IRC1 2018

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