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Following a journey across over 20 yards across Asia-Pacific, JPK Pacific is very happy to have partnered up with Innovation Composites in Nowra, NSW.

Mark Rowed and his team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in building high quality and well performing racing and cruising yachts. Over the past 20 years, they have been built over 70 Sydney Yachts and Martens as well as Ragamuffin 100 (now Scallywag) and not to mention the Etchells that finished 1st and 2nd at the Worlds. It is their understanding of production yacht building in combination with their experience and ability to consistently control weight while being open to adopting the French design and build philosophy. 

JPK Pacific & Innovation Composites are building boats using French tooling & moulds with direct support from the French production team. The boats will follow the exact same building process as in France to ensure we deliver the exact same high quality, proven performers.

We are extremely exciting that new owners will be able to see their boat being built without having to fly to Europe and that they won’t have the hassle of importing. Together with Innovation Composites we believe we can resurrect the Australian production yacht business.  

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