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JPKP 11.80 #1 coming along nicely

The first Australian JPK 11.80 is being built in South Nowra at our toll-manufacture partner Innovation Composites. The hull construction is well underway, with the foam core going in at the moment. The rigging & keel are underway from Europe and UK respectively. So coming together nicely!

It is such a great benefit for the owners to have their boats being built here, not alone because of the exuberant freight costs at present, but also the ability to make those little tweaks to customise their liking and habit, and see their boat being built. As an example, boat 1 will feature twin wheel steering as opposed to the standard tiller. In line with this and the owner's preference we are also making some tweaks to the deck foot chock setup with recessed angled steering platform instead of our standard foot chocks.

As the JPK 11.80 is very much a performance cruiser, most famous for it racing results, but equally impressive as a cruiser. We will install an Ubi Maior furling headsail as well as an electrical winch for halyard for boat 1 as well. Internally it will also feature some additional comforts making this a really versatile boat.

Having the experience of having a number of different JPK 11.80s on the water already, some with water ballast, some with symmetrical kites, others with extended bowsprits, we have been able to benefit for 'real-world testing' and leap-frog to the best possible version of a JPK 11.80.

With this in mind we can look ahead to boat #2, that is geared more towards the racing end of the spectrum, adopting the longer bowsprit, a slightly taller rig and running backstays to enable a square-top main (new for the JPK 11.80) and some other deckgear upgrades. IRC rating for the maxed power-optimised version will be around 1.103 and only requires asymmetrical spinnakers with reach staysails and code zero.

The integrity and structure of the boat is exactly the same for every boat, as one would expect from a production series boat. Though it unique position in being a very competitive IRC/ORCi winner whilst also being a very respectable cruising boat, allow owners to really finetune to boat to their liking, without having to compromise on performance or comfort per se. There are still a few slots left for 2023 delivery - so if interested, don't lose out and get in touch

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