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With the covid situation improving in California, we got in touch with Jim the owner of JPK 10.80 Psycho Tiller to hear what he has been up to during the pandemic. Here is what he had to say:

“We’ve been cruising more than racing during the pandemic but covid is getting much better now here in California so more races are starting up again. As I’m sure you know one of the greatest things about a JPK is it’s incredibly versatile and equally capable at high intensity offshore racing or ‘set it and forget it’ casual cruising for days at a time. We seem to be shaking off the racing rust fairly well so far. Just completed the 25 mile “Lightship” ocean series race on Saturday and placed 1st! There were some well sailed and fast boats we beat out this race including a Pogo 36, Archambault 35, Flying Tiger 10 and a Dehler 38 just to name a few. This first place thing is fun, we’ve decided to keep doing it!

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