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Credits: Paul Wyeth / Kurt Arrigo JM Liot



Happy owners is my goal

Jean Pierre Kelbert (JPK)

Jean Pierre Kelbert is an acclaimed sailor winning two European windsurfer titles in consecutive years. This grass roots understanding of the dynamics of sailing is the platform of the now famous range of IRC winning yachts.

Victories in single and double handed racing has established Jean-Pierre among the legendary French sailors.

Jean Pierre Kelbert’s yachts are now confirmed at the peak of IRC racing, winning all major European and UK regattas with the JPK 10.10’s, JPK 10.80’s and JPK11.80’s.

As Jean Pierre said “happy owners is my goal” which is reflected by the numerous podium results the JPK brand has achieved.

The amazing performance of the JPK 11.80 “Courrier Recommandé” winning IRC overall in the tough and very competitive 2018 Middle Sea race confirms the smiling faces of happy owners.

Jean-Pierre is at the helm of the business with sailing expertise and technical know-how complimented by the iconic naval architect Jacques Valer. This combination has delivered a winning formula for the ever expanding fleet of JPK owners.

Paris Boat Show, from left to right Mattijs Willenborg, Jean Pierre Kelbert and Paul Glynn

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